Automated On/Off Street Parking Solution

Part of our technology advances and experience in the parking industry led us to develop a perfect solution on-street and off street parking, this using AI cameras that determine occupancy, video surveillance and license plate recognition to provide real-time wayfinding, security, and enforcement.

Street View Animation

Our solution will easily integrate with existing parking meters and other phone apps,  including payment over the phone, enforcement and wayfinding technology. Ultimately provide the “smart cities” perfect solution for residents and tourists traveling around towns making efficient and smart parking.

Our system provides analytics and 99% accurate data which will allow City management to prepare for events and future traffic growth

Product Benefits

•        With our automated on-street solution monitoring parking spaces, enforcing and finding parking spaces will be easy – using our on-street cameras, smartphones and the pay-on-foot station will enhance customer experience and increase the city’s efficiencies.

•        Users can easily find a parking space and pay for parking on a phone app.

•        Users that will not use the app can pay for parking at a pay-by-foot station, installed in the proximity of their parking location.

•        100% enforcement is available to the city by sending parking violation notifications to residents’ physical addresses and/or notifying about the violation in real time to the enforcer, finding the location of the violator using his smartphone.

•        The system will be used for surveillance as well, and by inserting the license plate number by the authority, a video of the incident could be played back.