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Your personalized parking space

Smart reservations of specific parking space: Providing customers with the option of reserving a specific parking space inside the parking building according to the optimal location for them. Reservation services through smartphones or PC will enhance customer satisfaction and minimize entering and exiting time process. Customers will need to input their information including payment, destination of flight, airline, departure date/ time, arrival date/ time and make and model of car / car size/electric car and license plate number. All this information will be used by our software to optimize the best location per the clients needs.

Yes, you will be required to input your license place or you will be provided with a barcode, then the gates will open automatically when you arrive.

You will get a notification on your smartphone and be rerouted to a new parking space, the security will get the same notification as well, and the enforcer will enforce the local rules.

Yes, you will input your destination on the app, we will fine you the best parking available space for your needs.

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Automated Enforcement

Our system provides 100% automated enforcement, customized to the local rules and regulations. The system will notify the staff when a violation occurs. For example, when a car parks in a limited time space and once the time expires, an automated notification message will be sent out to the drivers phone (text) informing about the violation. At the same time, the security team will receive from our system the location of the parking spot and the violation type. Our system can be customized to any rules of the local parking building, restricted area only, limited parking, different types of tenants, compact cars, electric cars, integrating

Yes, you will need to pay an adjusted rate per the locale rolls, and if you stay longer then X time you will be towed? You will get phone notification of the status on your smart phone.

Yes, the rolls can be changed easily at any time, per parking space.

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Software and Analytics

Yes, we can customize the report any way  needed, we will support you in getting the reports monthly, weekly, or daily.

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