Using our video analytics system and LED signs, drivers are able to find parking spaces quickly and with ease, all while providing lot management and security surveillance to our clients.

Using military-grade video analytics with AI allows us to reduce the number of cameras used as well as monitor more parking spaces at each lot.




Interactive License Plate Recognition (ILPR)

Our Interactive License Plate Recognition (ILPR) system follows vehicles from one frame to the next. It provides 97% detection of LPR, 100% surveillance, and 99% occupancy monitoring on vehicles both in motion and at rest. The system can also utilize existing cameras, which can be used in both indoor garages and open lots.

Green = Processed and paid.
Yellow = Entering parking space.
Red = Payment not yet made, or time expire.



Using military-grade video analytics with AI enables vector detection as well as recognition of vehicle characteristics in order to calculate direction, resulting in an accuracy rate of 99.9%.

This provides an automated, accurate inventory system on the user end, while projecting a real-time LED display of inventory to drivers. No physical inventory calibration needed