Indoor Systems

Camera Based Systems

Camera based guiding with LPR: Our indoor camera guiding system will guide the drivers using LED indicators in each parking space and LED displays . The HD fisheye camera with up to 8 vehicles per camera, will provide the occupancy status to our program and to indicator and LED displays. This system will provide space reservation, find my car, enforcement etc.

Sensor Based Systems

Our Sensor base system have been a proven technology for the last 15 years, we constantly improve our ultrasonic technology with new generations as technology continues to advance.

Our Sensors

Our sensors systems provide 99% accuracy in real time. Our sensors are the most advanced, they are actually so fast that we had to slow them down to provide adequate time for cars to move in and out of parking spaces.

TOF Sensors

The sensor is designed for detecting vehicles in front of each parking space. It can detect and indicate parking space occupancy simultaneously in front of ONE or TWO opposite parking spaces. It is recommended for covered parking lots. The Sensor is not ultrasonic. It uses new detection technology based on Time Of Flight (TOF). Indication is RGB Color Changing LED Lights and shows parking place availability information. Additionally, it can provide special switch signal for sensor state indication. This function allows using it in various applications where vehicle detection is needed.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The ultrasonic sensor is designed for mounting on ceiling or cable channel. The sensor detects and transmits parking space availability information on real-time to ParkSol system. The system represents number of free parking spaces on LED screens. ParkSol sensor is designed with IP66 protection class and withstands extreme cold or hot temperatures. All ParkSol sensors have the digital signal processing (DSP), adaptive sensitivity and temperature compensation functions. They can be deployed with indication or remote indicators.

Wireless Magnetic Sensors

Wireless magnetic sensor is designed for installation on street and detection of the parking space availability. The installation is easy and cost-effective: sensors are screwed in/on the asphalt or other road pavement. The sensor responds to changes in the earth’s magnetic field change when a vehicle is parked above it. The sensor transmits parking space availability information in real-time to ParkSol monitoring software. It is designed with IP68 protection class what enables classic winter service, including snow-plowing. Battery duration is easy exchangeable and serves up to 10 years.

Camera System FAQs

Without LPR recognition our system and cameras can process up to eight vehicles for on each side of the aisle, if we have to add the LPR option than total of 6 vehicles for camera 3 for each side of the aisle.

We always have the option to install LED indicators at each parking space, but to cut the cost down you recommend installing one LED indicator for four parking spaces (2 spaces and spaces on opposite of the aisle).

Yes the LED displays will receive information from our server after processing the camera data.

The camera  base system is a new technology adding to its LPR recognition is even newer, we’re still testing and we have installed a few projects  but we’re not able to tell exactly the % accuracy. but we do believe that our programs and servers are becoming better and we could reach 96% after a one year of operating in a parking lot. the more process of different license plates occur the better the program becomes.

Yes we use this in Europe regularly, but be cautious in the USA as most people don’t remember their license plates which is required to be able to find your car.

Yes, based on client requirements duration of recording will be set.

Sensor System FAQs

No, our sensors include the LED indicators,  RGB 256 color.

No. This technology cannot be accurate. Ultrasonic waves can only be applied from the center of the parking space above the vehicle. For this reason we created the TOF sensor, which works on infrared which can be aimed at the vehicle at an angle.

No we use an RS-485 cable, which power and data combined, we run a “daisy chain” one cable for about 128 sensors.

We guarantee our products for 3 years and our installation depending on the state is typically 2 years.

The system runs for years without any involvement of preventive maintenance, we do recommend visually inspecting them every 90 days. The dashboard will notify you of any more functions.

The system reaction time is extremely fast for our application. While parking, it is slowed it down to provide adequate vehicle movement. Additionally. any passengers below should not activate the signs. The LED signs are timed according to the location, it also depends on how many signs are installed. Typically, a higher number (3+) of LED signs will run a little faster than two or three signs throughout the parking area.

Software & Analytics