Parksol-USA offers a variety of modern parking equipment and automated guided parking solutions that can help your car park to operate more smoothly, safely, and effectively. Yet, another way that our systems add value to your car park is in the aspect of revenue control. Our systems provide dynamic car park solutions that will save you time and money while increasing and opening new streams of revenue. Plus, with Parksol-USA systems, you’ll be able to manage your revenue from your administrative accounts which are accessible from any device or location.

Revenue-Generating Features by Parksol-USA

Parksol-USA gives users a number of helpful features including comprehensive and easy-to-read charts and graphs analyzing precious information that can help you to run your operation more efficiently and control your revenue better, such as:

  • The flow of traffic analysis (entrance and exit)
  • Specific parking zone data
  • Total hourly customers
  • Total daily and monthly customers
  • ADA parking totals
  • Reservations management
  • Total occupancy and vacancy information and more

Our software makes it easy to read and compare pertinent data that can be used to enhance revenue and for marketing purposes. With one-click printable reports and so much more, your car park hasn’t reached its full revenue-earning potential until you incorporate our systems.

Prosper from Automated Enforcement

Automated guided parking systems for Parksol-USA do so much more than control traffic. For example, our systems allow you to get the most out of your car park with automated enforcement. This customizable feature can be specifically adapted to your needs and local regulations. Additionally, rules can be customized for restricted areas, privileged parking, limited parking, tenants, compact cars, and so forth.

Automated notifications are sent as soon as a customer’s time expires, or when some other violation occurs, to both the security team on staff and to the driver’s phone. The automated notification will inform them both of the parking spot and violation type. As the parking operator, you will be able to change or make exceptions to enforcement rules at your own discretion.

Allow Your Customers to Make Reservations from the Smartphones

Another aspect of Parking and Revenue Control that you will get with our systems is better car park management. With our software, your customers can view car park layout, manage, select, and reserve their favorite parking spaces with their smartphones, tablets, computers, or any other connected devices. Since all the information from all of our systems are updated to your software and LED displays automatically, you can cut down on employee cost and mistakes and increase employee productivity.

More Safety Equals More Revenue

Improved safety is better for everybody who uses or works in your car park for reasons that don’t need to be stated, but fewer accidents equate to fewer claims which translate to lower insurance premiums and more saved money that is essentially a new source of revenue. Further, our automated guided car park systems allow you to manage your revenue on-site or off-site from your administrative account. Further, our systems integrate with your current system seamlessly and make revenue control a breeze.