If you’re looking for modern parking equipment that will allow you to run your car park more safely, efficiently, and prosperously, then you need to check out Parksol-USA. We have a large selection of parking equipment that can update and automate your car park seamlessly. We are the number one provider of automated guided parking systems in the world, operating in dozens of countries and expanding every day.

LPR/Gates Trigger

Bring your system into the 21st Century with an LPR/gates trigger from Parksol-USA. The old-fashioned loops system requires an impressive construction project in and of itself. Cutting concrete, laying wires, installing multiple components – it seems like quite an undertaking when compared to our system.

Using cutting-edge technology, Parksol-USA can eliminate the need for such a time and money-consuming project. Because our products and software integrate seamlessly into your current system, installation is a breeze. We use a TOF trigger sensor that can be installed right above your LPR cameras. This makes the LPR system more effective and allows gates to be triggered digitally.

Camera-Based Systems

Perhaps the most common of our parking equipment products is camera-based guiding with LPR. Indeed, this is a cost-effective solution with lots of dynamics. Our powerful cameras provide occupancy status to administrative monitors as well as to parking indicators and LED displays. Our camera-based systems automate car park guidance and allow for space reservations, instant car location, and overtime protection/enforcement.

Sensor-Based Systems

Parksol-USA also offers ultrasonic (and other) sensor-based parking systems. This proven technology detects when cars enter or vacate a parking space and feed information to your software in real-time. Sensors turn red when a parking space is taken and turn green when a parking space is vacated. The information is immediately updated to your system which provides an accurate vehicle count and parking space availability. If you have LED displays, the information will update there as well. You and your customers will be able to see not only how many parking spaces are available but also which spaces are available. This helps your customers to find a parking spot closest to their destinations quickly.

LED Displays

All of our products are customizable to suit your needs and budget and come with optional LED displays. LED displays not only add a modern feel to your garage that your customers are sure to love, but they also promote car park safety and efficiency. Our dynamic LED displays can communicate a variety of important information that you car park drivers need to know. They can tell how many spaces are available in the car park or in a specific zone, and they can help to guide traffic smoothly to and from available spaces.

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To learn more about our parking equipment and how it can save you money and time, provide you with a new source of revenue, enhance car park safety, and so much more, contact Parksol-USA today. Once you have our systems installed, you’ll wonder how you made it this long without them.