Parksol-USA is a modern parking guidance system and a wonderful solution for car drivers who don’t want to waste their time circling the parking lot or garage in search of a vacant parking space. It’s also an ideal solution for parking lot managers because it guarantees the safe movement of traffic in parking zones and increases employee productivity.

Parksol-USA Offers Practical, Effective, and Customizable Automated Parking Guidance Systems

Directional Parksol LED displays to start guiding your incoming drivers before they enter the parking garage. These displays, manufactured from materials using the most advanced technologies, guide them to vacant spaces and help them to park their cars as close to their destinations as possible. Parksol-USA LED displays can be manufactured in any size or form needed.

Special optics ensures great visibility in any weather conditions, even in the bright sunlight. Our LED displays are heat, cold, and humidity-resistant. They function and adapt perfectly any time of the day -and again, in any weather conditions- including fog, rain, snow, etc. Plus, directional Parksol LED displays can be easily integrated into your existing computer network.

Parksol Gives You Powerful LED Displays and Smar Sensors

Our system is characterized by flexibility and speedy response, and it can react to any parking changes in real-time. Having reached their desired parking zone, the driver is met by internal LED displays easily visible from the entrance. These dynamic displays help the driver to choose a parking spot that is closest to their destination in addition to providing other valuable information regarding parking places.

Sensors in the parking places react immediately to the movement of cars and transmit the data to the network, changing the information on internal displays and directional displays in the vicinity of the parking lot immediately. Digital and ultrasonic sensors and indicators mounted in parking zones are completely hermetic and resistant to extreme heat and cold. You have the option to install sensors at any height to meet your parking needs.

Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance, and Highly-Durable

The most advanced digital technology implemented in our sensors enables them to protect the system from any external threats. Parksol Advanced Parking Guidance System means low energy consumption which is great for your budget and for the environment. Also, we guarantee durability providing a full warranty on our system, and you will love the fact the Parksol guided parking is very low maintenance.

Your parking guidance system will increase parking effectiveness exponentially due to a shorter period of time spent trying to find a parking space. In paid parking lots, the system guarantees comfort to drivers and a large income to its operators. When implemented at the parking lot or parking garage planning stage, the Parksol System can increase the number of parking spaces up to 20%.

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Parksol allows precise and real-time monitoring of the number of vacant parking spaces in your lot. The system even monitors and immediately detects overtime cars. The Parksol system can be used for marketing purposes or to update your operations. The system can also be seamlessly integrated into your existing building management systems, such as lighting, ventilation, payment, etc. To learn more about our automated parking guidance system, contact Parksol-USA.