If you want to upgrade your occupancy monitoring for a parking lot or parking garage, consider Parksol-USA Automated Parking Solutions. Put simply, we offer industry-leading parking guidance technology to government, state, and city parking structures as well as to privately owned garages and open lots. Utilizing cutting-edge parking management software and smart monitoring devices, our systems allow you to automate the flow of traffic in your parking lot and effortlessly monitor parking space occupancy in real-time.

Parksol Provides You with a Powerful LED Display System

The virtual memory system (VMS) at the entrance of your lot will show the number of available parking spaces 24/7 as they become vacant and non-vacant. Our LED display system will not only show how many parking spaces are available at a given time, but it will safely and quickly guide your parking lot drivers to the parking spaces that are open. As drivers arrive in the open parking areas, they can park in available spaces by observing the communicator lights. Red means no vacancy and green means vacant.

Once driver parks or his/her vehicle in an open space or vacates a parking space, the ultrasonic sensors detect the car movements, and the indicator lights will turn from either green to red or from red to green. Then, the car sensors will send the corresponding information to your software to update the number of available parking spaces and update the parking lot LED directional display information instantaneously. That’s right. The VMS outside and inside changes the available number of parking spaces as well as the monitor system immediately as cars park and leave.

Increase the Productivity of Your Parking Lot Managers

Parking lot administrators will love this system on their end because they will be able to monitor the car park effortlessly in real-time. Green and red icons on the parking lot monitor display make it easy for the manager to know exactly which spaces are open and which spaces are taken. This information can come in handy in a variety of scenarios, especially when addressing customer needs.

Administrators can easily check the parking operations status with comprehensive statistics, charts, and forms. This information can be used in marketing or to help you better operate your car park. Our software provides numerous one-click and printable reports that give you a clear knowledge of your car park and help you to achieve higher efficiency in parking management. The possibilities are seemingly endless. With Parksol-USA, parking lot occupancy monitoring has never been as easy or as beneficial as we’ve made it with our system.

Are You Ready to Incorporate Parksol Automated Parking Solutions into Your Car Park?

To inquire further about our customizable guided parking solutions, or to learn how Parking Occupancy Monitoring can be automated for your car park, contact Parksol-USA today. We have a variety of products for every parking garage and parking lot scope and budget. One of the greatest benefits of integrating Parksol-USA Automated Parking Solutions into your car park is that it is a revenue generator. You will make more money with our system. The ROI is impressive and you can begin to see a profit in as little as six months to one year.