Vehicle counting is more important than ever as incidents of road rage, customer grievances, illegal parking, and other causes of lost revenue result from inefficiently-run car parks. Fortunately, Parksol-USA has now made it easier than ever to direct car park traffic to vacant parking spaces quickly and efficiently. Parksol-USA utilizes our own patented and proven car counting hardware and complementary software that will save you money and earn revenue for you over time. For a rather small one-time investment, you can increase the efficiency of your car park exponentially for many years to come.

A Better Way to Count Cars from Parksol-USA

Parksol-USA can enhance your car park’s revenue-earning capacity substantially and make vehicle counting a breeze with our fully automated guided car parking systems. Parksol-USA car counting solutions eliminates guesswork and human error from the equation. Utilizing our patented state-of-the-art Time-of-Flight (TOF) Counter Sensor is a great upgrade from the old-fashioned loop systems for small, medium and large-size car parks. Our TOF Counter Sensor has become a favorite method of counting vehicles in more the 60 countries to date. With over 25,000 units installed worldwide, you can see how many car park owners are benefiting from this affordable technology.

Our TOF Counter Sensor is an easy-to-install sensor-based system that utilizes infrared technology and measures TOF. As a vehicle passes through the sensor, two infra-red signals are beamed at the automobile. The time is measured between the points with 99.9% accuracy. Parksol-USA is the only company in the world with this patented sensor technology and complementary software.

Our Car Counting Technology is Beneficial to Car Park Owners and Visitors

In addition to the many benefits of high-tech vehicle counting for car park facility owners, your visitors will also much appreciate being able to see both the number of vacant parking spaces in your facility at any given time and exactly where those vacant spaces are. Parksol-USA’s technology is highly customizable and can be upgraded to include bright LED displays that are weather-resistant and help car park visitors to navigate to vacant spaces quickly and even find parking spots closest to their destinations.

Our car counting system tells you exactly how many spaces are left in the car park and each specific zone or level and can help you locate a customer’s car in an instant. Make it even easier for your visitors with colored sensors in each zone and parking space showing green for vacant and red for not available. Our high-tech ultrasonic sensors detect car movements and update your LED displays and monitors with accurate information in real-time as cars come and go.

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