Sensor Based Systems

Our Sensor base system have been a proven technology for the last 15 years, we constantly improve our ultrasonic technology with new generations as technology continues to advance.

The sensor is designed for detecting vehicles in front of each parking space. It can detect and indicate parking space occupancy simultaneously in front of ONE or TWO opposite parking spaces. It is recommended for covered parking lots. The Sensor is not ultrasonic. It uses new detection technology based on Time Of Flight (TOF). Indication is RGB Color Changing LED Lights and shows parking place availability information. Additionally, it can provide special switch signal for sensor state indication. This function allows using it in various applications where vehicle detection is needed.

The ultrasonic sensor is designed for mounting on ceiling or cable channel. The sensor detects and transmits parking space availability information on real-time to ParkSol USA system. The system represents number of free parking spaces on LED screens. ParkSol USA sensor is designed with IP66 protection class and withstands extreme cold or hot temperatures. All ParkSol USA sensors have the digital signal processing (DSP), adaptive sensitivity and temperature compensation functions. They can be deployed with indication or remote indicators.