Vehicle Counter

TOF Counter Sensor

The TOF sensor is being installed in over 60 different locations around the world, used originally for detecting vehicle occupancy in parking garages for guidance system. We produced and installed over 25,000 units, and in the last two years we use the sensor as a method of counting vehicles. Many clients are asking for new solutions to replace the old loop sensor.

The sensor uses infra-red and measures the Time of Flight (TOF). The sensor shoots two infra-red signals, covering the vehicle from two different angles. As the vehicle passes through the sensor, the sensor detects it and measures the time interval between the two infra-red signals and counts them.

This sensor is 100% produced in Europe, compliant with all industry required certifications, such as IP66, ISO, CE, etc.

All the sensors we installed over the last 2 years yield over 99% accuracy. No other company has this sensor or technology complemented by our software capabilities and our knowledge.